Canadian school says students who take pictures of teacher with Z-size prosthetic breasts will be suspended

A Canadian high school has threatened to suspend any students who take pictures of a schoolteacher’s Z-size breast implants.

Parents told the Toronto Sun that the Halton School District now prohibits students from taking photos or videos of High School teacher Kayla Lemieux, who wears overtly large prosthetic breasts and a blond wig.

Students have apparently ignored the suspension threat since the Sun reported that a video was posted online last week showing the teacher walking down the hallway on crutches with a cast on their right foot at Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School in Oakland, where she works as a substitute teacher. 

Lemieux, previously known as Kerry Lemieux, went viral after she began showing up to school with the large breasts. She also caught media attention for skydiving with a porn star – which is where she apparently hurt her foot.

The Sun reported that while Lemieux was substituting at a nearby school, Abbey Park High School, police were stationed to protect the teacher.

The teachers new choice of attire has also reportedly drawn complaints and threats from parents. However, the school board has defended Lemieux.

School board spokesperson Heather Francey told the Sun that the district has a “Responsible Use Procedures for Information and Communications Technology” policy which requires that students “obtain the permission of any subject at any time (including other students, staff, or any person) before capturing, using, and transmitting images or video.”




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