Judge rules in favor of pro-abortion group in dismissal of Texas abortion ban

A Texas judge has ruled in favor of an abortion rights group when he rejected a lawsuit brought against an abortion provider who admitted to performing abortion procedures after 6 weeks of pregnancy – which is illegal under Texas law.

The Bexar County judge ruled that the lawsuit against Dr. Alan Braid, filed by former Illinois attorney Felipe Gomez, was without standing since Gomez wasn’t directly impacted by the abortion, Forbes reported.

Texas law SB 8 bans abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy. The law allows people to sue anyone accused of performing an abortion or aiding someone in undergoing the procedure.

Gomez filed the lawsuit because he said he wanted the court to overturn SB 8. In the lawsuit, Gomez described himself as a “pro-choice plaintiff” and said he wasn’t interested in the $10,000 in damages that SB 8 allows.

Forbes reported that Gomez was disbarred in 2020 after sending “threatening and harassing email messages” to attorneys in three separate legal matters.

The lawsuit, originally filed in Sept. 2021, was the first case brought forward testing Texas’ abortion ban, according to Forbes.

Braid is the only person who has been sued under the law and is also the first major ruling issued in a lawsuit brought under.

While the judge’s ruling does not overturn SB 8, the Center for Reproductive Rights said it represented a “significant win” for pro-abortion groups.




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