Project Veritas video shows Chicago school dean discussing how students are taught ‘queer sex’

A Chicago school is under fire after an undercover video revealed that some students were taught about “queer sex” and how sex toys work.

Francis W. Parker School has come under fire after Dean Joseph Bruno, 41, told an undercover reporter from the conservative news website Project Veritas that the school aims to teach students all about queer sexual intercourse.

In the video, Bruno is seen telling an undercover Project Veritas reporter about the school’s sex education curriculum.

“During Pride – we do a Pride Week every year – I had like our LGBTQ+ Health Center come in. They were passing around butt-plugs and dildos to my students – talking about queer sex, using lube versus using spit,” Bruno said, adding that a drag queen named Alexis Bevins was invited to “hang out” with the students.

Bruno continued, “The kids are just playing with ’em, looking at ’em… They’re like, ‘How does this butt-plug work? How do we do – like, how does this work?’ That’s a really cool part of my job.”

The man filming the conversation asks if everyone is “cool” with what the school is doing and if he has received any complaints, to which Bruno replied: “No.”

The undercover reporter also asked if parents would be worried if they found out, to which Bruno again said no, adding that “it’s queer sex.”

The school, which costs $40,000 a year, also came under fire for their “affinity groups” which white students are barred from attending.

According to the school’s website, affinity groups are “only open to students of color, through direct, intentional programming within the curriculum in the Lower and Intermediate Schools, all students have the opportunity to consider their own racial identity and how it plays into their greater sense of self.”

They add: “While white identity development is absolutely important to a child’s development, we know there are a number of factors in the racial identity development process of young children of color that can benefit from direct programming in a way that differs from that of white students.”




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