China eases up on COVID restrictions after lockdown protests

Chinese authorities have loosed COVID-19 restrictions in some neighborhoods of the Xinjiang region following significant protests. 

Residents have taken to the streets to protest China’s strict “zero-COVID” policies after an apartment complex fire killed 10 residents who were locked inside.

Videos from across China show protests against neighborhood lockdowns as well as restrictions in the workplace and dangerous health practices. Other videos show protestors holding the Chinese flag and shouting “Open up, open up.”

After a recent protest in the city of Urumqi, officials relaxed restrictions on “low-risk” areas, allowing residents to move about more freely – though many areas still remain under lockdown. 

Officials said Saturday that they had basically achieved “societal zero-COVID,” which means there were no new infections.

Despite the protests, the Chinese Communist Party has doubled down its restrictive measures and has repeatedly said it will stick to their “zero COVID” strategy.




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