New viral documentary alleges conspiracy that COVID vaccine was used as form of population control

A recent documentary called “Died Suddenly” has promoted a theory that the COVID-19 vaccine was a scientific experiment done to roll out population control by means of increasing health defects causing healthy people to “die suddenly.”

The documentary claims that the vaccine is killing off many young people as part of a plan to depopulate the earth. Clips of the documentary have gone viral on Rumble, as well as on Twitter.

Health officials have hit back at the documentary, saying that while adverse effects can occur from the COVID-19 vaccine, they are extremely rare.

“Died Suddenly” is the new ‘Plandemic’ is the new ‘Vaxxed’… Just antivaccine misinformation, dishonest framing and conspiracy theory reheated and reserved. It’s always the same,” said Alastair McAlpine, MD.

The documentary has drawn both support and criticism.

“Died Suddenly is an excellent documentary. Raises very specific, alarming considerations about the vaccine. Search for it on @rumblevideo. Consider everything and always draw your own conclusions,” conservative comedian JP Sears tweeted.

Conservative journalist and commentator Tim Pool said of the film: “This documentary Died Suddenly is a conspiracy. All these embalmers and doctors clearly got together to lie about this stuff happening to trick people into not getting vaccinated.”

But others rejected the documentary as a conspiracy theory.

“The Real Truther”, an account which often shares fact checks noted that one of the people reportedly shown in the documentary was NBA player Keyontae Johnson.

“Johnson collapsed at a game on December 12, 2020, before vaccines were even available,” the account reported, noting that he is alive and well.




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