COVID cases in China allegedly at their highest level since the start of the pandemic

Residents in Beijing’s most populated district are being urged stay at home as the city is experiencing a spike in COVID cases. As a result, several businesses in the area have closed and schools will conduct classes online.

Beijing is continuing to operate a zero-covid strategy, so even small outbreaks will lead to COVID restrictions being introduced.

According to the Guardian, China reported 31,444 new cases on Wednesday and its first COVID-related death since May 26.

China currently has a vaccination rate of more than 92 percent having received at least one dose, however residents over the age of 80 have a vaccination rate of 65 percent.

China has largely ignored criticism over their strict restrictions, saying that it has paid off in much lower numbers of cases and deaths than most countries with a comparable population.

“The risk of social transmission of the epidemic in Baiyun district has continued to increase, and the prevention and control situation is grim,” health authorities said on their official WeChat account, announcing that the district would undergo a five day lockdown.

Shijiazhuang, which is a city close to Beijing, was seen as a pilot for testing reopening strategies. However, it has now walked back its stance on easing restrictions this week. 

“The path to reopening may be slow, costly and bumpy,” said Ting Lu, chief China economist at Nomura. “Shanghai-style full lockdowns could be avoided, but they might be replaced by more frequent partial lockdowns in a rising number of cities due to surging Covid case numbers.”




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