NYU professor trashes Elon Musk, suggests Russian bots were behind Trump reinstatement poll

New York University business professor and public speaker Scott Galloway condemned Elon Musk this week, accusing him of displaying a “total lack of grace” in his leadership at Twitter.

Galloway discussed Musk’s leadership with CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour after reports of mass resignations at the platform.

Musk referred to Galloway as an “insufferable numbskull” last year after Galloway suggested that Musk had lost faith in Tesla’s valuation. Musk replied to his tweet: “Doing the opposite of whatever that insufferable numbskull says would be a great way to invest!”

Now, Galloway says that people are seeing Musk “unwinding” publicly. “This is someone who, in my opinion, shows a bit of a God complex,” Galloway said, according to the HuffPost.

Galloway added that Musk has taken on the role of a “new Jesus Christ.”

“And every ridiculously mean, nonsensical, irrational move he makes is somehow seen as chess not checkers,” Galloway said. “This is an individual who has demonstrated a total lack of grace, has no guardrails around him and is going to see his wealth probably cut in half.”

He continued, saying that Musk will “eventually screw up.”

“This is a company probably worth 10 billion [dollars] that he paid 45 billion, and [Musk] thinks he can lay off half the staff and treat them poorly and disparage them and not have any ramifications,” Galloway said.

He then suggested that Musk’s Twitter poll, which asked users if he should reinstate Trump, was merely a publicity stunt that was led by Russian bots.

“I think it’s mostly the latter. I think if Elon is out of the news for more than 48 hours, he’ll decide to kick him off again. He said that the people had spoken in Latin… You know Elon Musk polls on Twitter are more for support than illumination. He ran a similar poll to see whether or not he should sell Tesla stock, and it ended up he’d already filed to sell those shares. So I think these polls are mostly a gimmick.”

Asked if he believed Russian intelligence was involved in the polls ultimate findings, Galloway said: “Hundred percent. Twitter has become a playground for bad actors and fake bots. This poll is meaningless. This decision is meaningless.”




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