‘There’s no ballot stuffing, there’s no fowl play’ President Biden jokes at turkey pardoning 

President Joe Biden pardoned two Thanksgiving turkeys, Chocolate and Chip, at a Monday White House event. In his speech, he targeted the GOP is several jokes, saying that the only “red wave” there’s gonna be is if his dog spills cranberry sauce.

“It’s a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition here at the White House. There’s a lot to say about it, but it’s chilly outside so I’m going to keep this short,” Biden said.“Nobody likes it when their turkey gets cold.”

“Of course, chocolate is my favorite ice cream. We could have named them CHIPS and Science,” Biden added referring to infrastructure bills that were passed earlier in the year.

“That’s my grandson Beau up there and my granddaughter,” Biden said, referring to his family on the balcony above. “Don’t let him jump.”

“I want to thank them for being here as well, but before I gobble up too much time…” Biden said as the turkeys began to get loud. “I didn’t mean to get you started, man,” he said.

He then poked fun at Republicans by making several puns.

“First of all the voter ID have been counted, verified,” he said. “There’s no ballot stuffing, there’s no fowl play, the only red wave this season’s gonna be a German Shepherd Commander knocks over the cranberry sauce on our table.”

Returning his attention to the turkeys Biden said that “Chocolate weighs 46 pounds and I’m told he loves catching sun on the Outer Banks,” adding that “Chip weighs 47. And he loves barbecue and basketball, I’m told.”

“After receiving their presidential pardon today Chocolate and Chip are gonna head to one of the nation’s great basketball schools and research universities North Carolina State.”

He added, “Now, when we told them they were joining the Wolfpack they got a little scared. But then we explained it was just a mascot for the school … has one of the nation’s best poultry science departments in the country.”




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