Teenager goes viral after bashing ‘racist, Trump-loving’ father at his funeral

A teenage TikToker has gone viral after sharing a video of them giving a damning eulogy to their deceased father at his funeral. They refer to him as a “racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, Trump-loving” man.

The user shared a video of the eulogy in their TikTok account @saginthesunforever. In their bio, they referred to themself as a “Black supremacist.” They also prefer the pronouns they/them.

In the video, Saga is on stage giving a eulogy to their father at his funeral.

“Dad, please know that while I am grateful and highly aware of all that you’ve given this family, I still don’t miss you,” Saga says. “When you died, I felt like there was a hole. I missed something, but it wasn’t you. It was the idea of what you could [have] become. I missed being able to hope and wish that one day you’d turn a corner and see the world from my perspective. I missed the idea that one day you might help me fight for the things that matter. I miss my fantasy of you.”

“Because when you died, it solidified the fact that you’ll never be what you could have been, but only what you are,” they add. “And what you are is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, Trump-loving, cis, straight white man. That is all you will ever be to me.”

To conclude their eulogy, Saga says, “You are everything I aspire not to be…I swear to god, I will make this world a better place. Not at all because of you, but in exact opposition to you.”

Saga reportedly defended their speech to The National Desk (TND), saying that it was their desire to “stand firm in their truth and speak it no matter what dissenting opinions would say.”

“Funerals and speeches are to provide solace to the people giving them,” Saga told TND. “My solace was in my truth. It was in expressing and condemning all of the trauma my father has caused me and expressing my grief the way I needed to express it.”




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