California congresswoman accused of ‘malicoius campaigning’ over new advertisement

Michelle Steel (R-CA), who is currently serving as the representative  for California’s 48th congressional district, has been accused of ‘McCarthyism’ from AAPI (Asian Americans Pacific Islanders) groups over her recent campaign adverts.

Her recent 30-second ad starts off in a dimly lit room, with smoke coming from a desktop ashtray as two actors portraying Chinese Communist Party intelligence officers talk about a California candidate for congress.

“He’s one of us, a socialist comrade who even supported Bernie Sanders for supreme leader,” one man says, a photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping displayed on the wall behind him.

The words “Jay Chen. He’s perfect for Communist China” flash in white letters across the screen as the men throw their heads back and start laughing maniacally.

Jay Chen (D-CA), who is currently running against Steel in a competitive Orange County district, called Steel’s ad “over the top” and “ridiculous.”

“I served in the Middle East and I’ve served on the Korean peninsula to confront communist aggression,” Chen said. “I think what she’s doing right now is really dangerous. The fact that a sitting member of Congress would try to incite this kind of anti-Asian hate to try to further the stereotype that Asians cannot be trusted when she herself is Asian — an immigrant from Korea — it just baffles the mind.”

The Committee of 100, which is a New York-based nonprofit led by Chinese Americans, released a statement hitting out at Steel’s ads for portraying “harmful and inaccurate stereotypes” that could fuel anti-Asian hate and calling on her to “focus on the issues.”

“A congressional race between two candidates of Asian descent should be an opportunity to highlight the diversity and achievement of the Asian American community,” said Zhengyu Huang, president of the Committee of 100. “Instead, one candidate is using racist attacks and advertisements to question the patriotism and loyalty of an American military veteran.”

The 45th district is located in the Little Saigon community, where approximately 33% of voters are Asian American and nearly half of those are of Vietnamese descent.




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