Waukesha parade attacker Darrell Brooks builds box fort in court

Darrell Brookes, the suspect accused of killing six people during a Waukesha parade, attempted to hide from cameras during his trial on Monday by building a fort of boxes in the courtroom.

According to courtroom footage, which was published by Law & Crime Network, Brooks can be seen stacking two cardboard filing boxes in front of his chair in court. He constructed his forrt Waukesha Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Dorow was busy reviewing jury instructions in a nearby room.

Brooks’ fort does cover his face with the two stacked boxes, plus an extra box on his desk. The courtroom footage however does show his head sticking out from the top of the fort.

Judge Dorow said that Brooks was requesting to be returned to his cell. Dorow rejected this request and said “I’m going to go ahead and deny this request. He can remain in the other courtroom.”

Dorow later said: “I know he’s muted, but I can certainly hear him from this side. He appears to be yelling at the top of his lungs. I can’t decipher what he’s yelling.”

The prosecutors asked that Judge Dorow remove the box fort so that they could see if Brooks was nonverbally replying to the questions.

“I’ve asked you twice now and I’ll ask you a third time. Do you have any requests as it relates to the jury instructions? Any additions, deletions, edits, or otherwise?” Dorow asked Brooks

“You ain’t gotta talk to me like that,” Brooks replied. “I heard what the hell you said!”

“Mr Brooks that was very disrespectful,” Dorow said.

“Yeah, and I’ve been getting disrespected since the beginning of this whole process. So welcome to the club,” Brooks said.

After asking him a sixth time about jury instructions, Brooks got even angrier.

“I can hear everything you’re saying!” he shouted while pounding on the desk.

Brooks is representing himself and Judge Doroz has accused him of being disrespectful and disruptive, which led to him being tossed from the courtroom.

“To say that this has been the most challenging of my career would be an understatement,” Dorow said on Friday. “I’ve done my best, I believe, to be fair, to be unbiased, to protect the rights not only of Mr. Brooks as it relates to this trial, but those of witnesses, those of the victims, and of course, last but not least, the jurors.”




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