Former AZ employee wins discrimination suit; Hobbs accused of being ‘uncomfortable’ with minorities

A former Arizona Senate policy advisor who won a lawsuit this week against the state for discrimination accused current Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of playing a role in her firing and being “uncomfortable” around minorities.

Talonya Adams, who worked in the Arizona Senate until 2015, when she was fired after she made a complaint that she was being paid a low salary because of racial and sexual discrimination. A federal court jury found this week that Adams’ firing was a result of her complaint, and awarded her $750,000. 

During the court proceedings, Hobbs was called to testify, and claimed she wished she had been a “better ally” to Adams.

Adams gave an interview in which she claimed Hobbs was the reason for her firing, and that she does not need Hobbs as an “ally,” but rather for Hobbs to “not to discriminate against black people.”

The claims come just weeks before the November midterms, and Hobbs is facing off against Trump-endorsed Republican Kari Lake for governor of the Grand Canyon State in a hotly contested election. 

According to FiveThirtyEight polling over the weekend, Lake is currently ahead of Hobbs by a 1.1 point lead. The two have publicly sparred over whether Hobbs will debate against Lake before the November election. Hobbs has thus far declined to engage in a debate, accusing Lake of trying to create a “spectacle.”




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