Trump weighs options in missing documents case, may allow feds to re-search Mar-a-Lago

Former US president Donald Trump and his legal team are considering allowing federal agents back to Mar-a-Lago to conduct another search for what the government claims are still missing documents from the Trump administration’s departure from the White House in 2021.

According to a CNN report released on Thursday, Trump’s team of attorneys and advisers are considering what courses of action are available to them in terms of the Department of Justice’s claims that there are still missing government documents that were not recovered during the FBI’s August search of Trump’s Florida residence.

Neal Katyal, former acting US Solicitor General, told PBS in an interview that the DoJ believes Trump may still have possession of classified documents and others, such as “Donald Trump’s letters to the North Korean leadership and the like.”

An anonymous source close to the former president told CNN, “The general belief in Trump World is that this is much ado about nothing and the sooner we get past it the better,” and that Trump, “wants to move on.”

Trump’s legal team has spent weeks in court over the FBI search and the ensuing review of the 22,000 documents recovered. The haul included 100 classified documents.

The former president has railed against the FBI and the Department of Justice on his social media platform, Truth Social, calling the seizure of his documents part of a “sham” investigation and asking for the documents back, calling them his “personal property.”




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