Sandy Hook are seeking $2.75 trillion penalty from Alex Jones

The families of victims from the Sandy Hook shooting have asked a Connecticut judge to impose “the highest possible punitive damages” for Alex Jones.

One suggestion was that the monetary amount Jones pay be as high as $2.75 trillion. The original damages awarded to the families was $1 billion.

The families made their case for the extra damages by saying that Jones broke a state law which banned him from selling products using false statements.

The families came to the final figure by multiplying the fine for the offence, which is $5,000, by Jones’ followers on all his social media platforms, which is 550 million. This method would result in the most significant amount of damages to be paid by Jones.

“The only appropriate punitive damages award in this case is the largest award within the court’s power,” the families’ lawyers said in the filing. “The defendants have acted willfully, maliciously, and evilly, in full knowledge of the harm they are causing people who had no means to fight back, except to bring this case.”

Jones had referred to the family members as “crisis actors” for years and claimed that their loved ones weren’t killed during a school shooting. Jones denied that his statements were defamatory.

“Alex Jones perpetrates this attack for one reason: greed,” the families’ lawyers said on Friday. “Alex Jones will never treat them like real people because they are too valuable to him as targets.”

State Judge Barbara Bellis will make the final determination on what Jones must pay. She has acknowledged that Jones violated the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act, or CUTPA, by selling supplements and survival gear during shows where he made his allegations about the Sandy Hook families.

Jones has said that he’s bankrupt and will not be able to pay a dime to the families.




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