Liz Truss resigns as UK Prime Minister after just six weeks

Liz Truss resigned as Prime Minister after only 44 days in the job. Her resignation came after rebellion from several Members of Parliament from her own party.

Truss’s resignation has triggered the second Conservative Party leadership in 4 months. A new Prime Minister is expected to be announced by October 28th.

While Truss previously said that she had been elected to deliver tax cuts and economic growth, she said in her resignation speech that “I recognize that I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.”

Current Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, who has already had two failed leadership bids, has ruled himself out of becoming the new Prime Minister.

Truss said she would remain in her post until another leader is announced. The new leader will be formally appointed by King Charles.

Under Conservative Party rules, leadership candidates will have to secure the support of 100 MPs in order to enter the contest. This means that no more than 3 candidates can stand.

A first ballot will be held among MPs and the person with the least amount of votes will be eliminated, if three people stand. If a second ballot is required, MPs will be able to signal their preference through an indicative vote.

If both candidates choose to stay in the race, the final decision will go to party members via an online vote.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not yet ruled himself out of the race with both Secretary of State Nadine Dorries and Secretary of State for Business, Jacob Rees-Mogg endorsing him.

Other possible candidates are Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt, both of whom ran against Truss to become Prime Minister.




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