DeSantis spokesperson confirms they will continue sending migrant flights to blue states

A spokesperson for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis confirmed on Saturday that his program to fly migrants to blue states will continue.

Taryn Fenske, a communications director for DeSantis, confirmed this to the Associated Press.

“While Florida has had all hands-on deck responding to our catastrophic hurricane, the immigration relocation program remains active,” Fenske said.

Last month, DeSantis was involved in arranging a flight which transported 49 migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard.

DeSantis hit out at the Biden administration on Sunday at a campaign event in Coral Springs over its immigration policies.

“When we had millions of people coming across the border, they ignored the problem… they only cared when [migrants] started to show up in DC, New York City, and Martha’s Vineyard. That’s the only time they care,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis went on to say that he concurs with former President Donald Trump’s border policies which required migrants to remain in Mexico until their immigration appointment was due.

“President Trump was right to just have them wait at the border, most of the claims get denied, and then they’ve got to go back to the other countries,” DeSantis said, “but to just have people coming in, you’re never going to hear from them again.”

According to documents released on Friday by the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida paid $1 million to arrange two flights, one going to Delaware and the other to Illinois. The flights were initially scheduled to leave before October 3rd, but will now depart before December 1st, the AP reported.




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