Buttigieg calls employment numbers ‘strong as hell’ in defense of Biden economic policies

On Sunday, Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg appeared on “Face The Nation” where spoke out in favor of President Biden by saying that the government’s “top economic priority is fighting inflation.”

Buttigieg said in defense of Biden’s the economic policies, “if anybody’s asking, ‘was it a good idea to rescue the American economy?’ The answer’s yes.”

Buttigieg also praised Biden’s response to COVID-19 by saying that without the measures he put in place, “we would not have had the 10 million jobs created with this president with the lowest unemployment numbers in history.”

“Look, I don’t think anybody could argue that, for example, our unemployment numbers are anything but strong as hell,” Buttigieg went onto say.

A recent CBS News Battleground Tracker showed that 65% of Americans believe the economy is getting better, 20% believe it is stagnating and 15% believe it is improving.

Nearly half of those polled, believe that Democrat policies are directly contributing to higher prices. On the other two issues raised, 63% believe that supply chain issues are causing higher prices and 58% agreed that global issues are causing prices to increase.

Buttigied said the inflation was a “global phenomenon” and that the government were putting measures in place to combat it. He added that their $1.9 trillion stimulus bill generated growth in crucial areas.

Buttigieg hit back at those who said that inflation spiked after the bill was signed off by saying “A majority of inflation is not attributable to fiscal policy.”

In the CBS poll, when respondents were asked about what impact a change of government would have on inflation, 42% said a Republican government would help the economy, 33% said it would harm the economy and 25% either said it would make no difference or were unsure.




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