Two members of NYC ‘green goblin’ subway gang turn themselves in, one member arrested

A member of the so-called “green goblin” gang of women that have committed a string of recent attacks on the New York City subway while wearing green bodysuits has turned themselves in and been released without bail, prompting another member to turn herself in. Another has been arrested.

The gang has been captured on video attacking people on subway trains, robbing them of phones and wallets before running away.

In the video of the attack in question, which occurred on October 2 on a train headed to Queens on the N line, the women can be seen attacking a pair of teenagers and robbing them before running off. One of them is heard saying “I want no part of this, let’s go” before running off.

The person heard in the video is 26-year old Mariam Issouf, who turned herself in to authorities in Manhattan on Monday. Issouf’s attorney claims she had attempted to help the victims of the attack before departing the scene.

Following Issouf’s confession to being present at the scene of the crime, one more member of the Green Goblins turned herself in, while a third was arrested by NYPD. Both were charged with second degree robbery.

One last suspect, Dariana Peguero, has been identified but has not been caught. All of the suspects live in the Queensboro Houses, a New York City Housing Authority location.




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