Fetterman’s wife says NBC reporter who pointed out candidate’s speaking difficulties should face ‘consequences’

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, who is the wife of Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman, has lashed out at NBC reporter Dasha Burns who recently interviewed Fetterman. Gisele Fetterman referred to Burns as “abide.”  

Gisele Fetterman said that Burns, who stated post interview that he had a “difficult” time with small talk before the interview, should face “consequences.”

Gisele Fetterman said the comments made by Burns were a “disservice” to both her husband, and the disable community as a whole.

“I don’t know why there were no consequences. I mean there are consequences for people in these positions who belong to one of the -isms. I mean, she was capable, and she was in her interview,” Gisele Fetterman said during an interview with Fast Politics.

Gisele Fetterman also said that Burns should issue a public apology, and asked for journalists to receive better training when dealing with those who have health issues and/or disabilities.

“It just goes to show that there is so much to do. These networks must take responsibility. Like, where’s your education? It was horrifying to see, and you see that in schools. You see that in small children. You don’t expect to see it at this level. You know I didn’t hear an apology. It didn’t come. I hope they will think about it and realize that they have done all Americans an incredible disservice,” Gisele Fetterman said.

Burns issued a tweet on Wednesday to explain her actions.

“We were happy to accommodate closed captioning. Our reporting did not and should not comment on fitness for office. This is for voters to decide. What we do push for as reporters is transparency. It’s our job. Fetterman sat down and answered our questions. That’s his job.”

Podcast host Kara Swisher tweeted that she had a good interview with Fetterman and had no issues with small talk.

“Sorry to say but I talked to @JohnFetterman for over an hour without stop or any aides and this is just nonsense. Maybe this reporter is just bad at small talk.”

Burns responded by saying that not all experiences with candidates will be the same.

“It’s possible for two different reporters to have two different experiences with a candidate. Our team was in the room with him & reported what happened in it, as journalists do. Before & after closed captioning was on.”




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