Alex Jones ordered to pay almost $1 billion to Sandy Hook families

Far-right radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was ordered in a Connecticut court this week to pay out almost $1 billion in damages to eight families of Sandy Hook victims and one FBI agent who responded to the scene for defamation and other charges.

Jones was found liable for defamation, inflicting emotional distress on the families, and spreading misinformation about the deadly elementary school shooting being a false flag operation. The 2012 shooting left 27 dead, including 20 children.

The jury deliberated for only one day before delivering their verdict, and ordered Jones to pay $965 million in total damages to the families and the FBI agent. The $965 million is in addition to punitive damages also to be  awarded to the families.

Jones did not appear in court for the verdict, but did discuss the damages on his radio show as the verdicts were being read aloud.

He mocked the large amounts, telling his listeners, “Ain’t going to be happening. Ain’t no money,” and encouraged his audience to purchase merchandise and donate in order to save his show, Infowars.

He also attempted to paint the trial as a leftist sham. “All made up. Hilarious,” he said. “So this is what a show trial looks like. I mean, this is the left completely out of control.”

The verdict comes on the heels of another major blow to Jones in a Texas court where he was ordered to pay almost $50 million to the parents of another Sandy Hook victim. 




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