VP Harris calls Texas Governor Abbott’s busing of migrants to other cities ‘dereliction of duty’

Vice President Kamala Harris appeared on Late Night with Seth Myers on Monday night, where she blasted Texas Governor Greg Abbott for busing migrants from the Southern border to her doorstep in Washington, DC.

The Vice President did not mince her words, agreeing with Myers that the move to transport migrants to so-called sanctuary cities in order to draw attention to the influx at the border is simply “political theater.”

She also said the measure is a “dereliction of duty” by Abbott, who she says should be part of the solution to the problem instead.

“We’re talking about people who [have fled] great harm,” Harris said. “They are coming here seeking refuge. And talk about political theater. I mean, playing games with people’s lives. I just think it’s an absolute dereliction of duty.”

Harris went on to lament the breakdown in the discussion between parties about how to handle immigration policy. “If you see a problem, and if we agree that we need to address it, then if you’re a leader, participate in a solution, right? … Participate in the solution, because we are offering solutions. But instead, this gamesmanship with real human beings who trust us.”

As of late September, Abbott had sent over 10,000 migrants to other states since April, according to the governor’s press office. Last month, Abbott sent busloads of migrants to Harris’ residence in Washington, DC, in what the White House called a “cruel, premeditated political stunt.”




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