Tulsi Gabbard to campaign for GOP candidate after leaving Democratic Party

Tulsi Gabbard, who previously served as the U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district as well as being a candidate for 2020 Democrat nominee, has announced that she will campaign for several Republican candidates after leaving the Democrat Party.

Gabbard released a statement on Twitter to confirm her departure, accusing the party of being controlled by “an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness.”

Following her departure, Gabbard has said she will join Republican New Hampshire Senate nominee Don Bolduc on the campaign trail.

Bolduc tweeted to confirm he would be working with Gabbard.  Bolduc is running against Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan.

“@TulsiGabbard is a fellow change agent and independent-minded outsider willing to speak truth to power. I’m honored to have her support and looking forward to barnstorming NH with her! #NHSEN”

The New Hampshire Democratic Party (NHDP) lashed out at both Gabbard and her decision to work alongside Bolduc.

“Tulsi Gabbard is a Vladimir Putin apologist who has pushed conspiracy theories and stood with dangerous tyrants over the United States. By campaigning with a pro-Putin, extreme conspiracy theorist like Gabbard, Don Bolduc is making only more clear how out of step he is with NH,” the NHDP said in a press release on Wednesday.

Gabbard has not yet confirmed which party, if any, she will affiliate herself with going forward.

Gabbard did endorse Joe Biden in 2020 after her own campaign to become President came to an end.




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