Senatorial candidate Fetterman puts up billboards calling opponent Oz a Cowboys fan

Pennsylvania senate candidate John Fetterman has put up 2 billboards ahead of Sunday’s NFL game between Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys which state that his Republican opponent Mehmet Oz is a “Cowboys fan.”

The billboard reads: “Dr. Oz is a Cowboys fan; elect a real Pennsylvanian. Vote Fetterman for Senate on Nov. 8th.”

The billboard also shows a picture of Mehmet Oz at the AT&T stadium in 2013 in a post Oz tweeted that year. The caption states “Doing my best to audition for the Cowboys while we have access to their facility during my 15 Minute Physical.”

Brenden McPhillips, Fetterman’s campaign manager also issued a statement after the billboards went up questioning Oz’s ability to stick with a position.

“The fact that Oz is willing to sell out his supposed Eagles fandom for clout when he’s in Dallas may be a funny example of his inability to take real positions and hold consistent beliefs, but it’s much more than that.”

“This gets to the heart of who this guy really is. He pretends to be a Cowboys fan when he’s in Dallas, but now that he’s running for office, he tailgates at Eagles games like he’s a real Philly fan,” McPhillips went on to say.

The Pennsylvania seat is seen as crucial in determining which party controls the Senate. Fetterman and his campaign team have accused Oz of being out of touch with regular people. Oz in response has hit out at Fetterman for refusing to debate him. Fetterman cited issues from his stroke in May for not doing so.




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