Rep. Lauren Boebert mocked for miscounting in a tweet mocking Biden’s recent blunder

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert has found herself making headlines again this week, this time for a Tweet in which she poked fun at President Joe Biden, but ended up being mocked herself by Twitter users.

On Saturday, Boebert Tweeted, “Two words: Let’s go Brandon!” It did not take long for Twitter users to point out that Boebert had miscounted the number of words in the phrase.

One user commented, calling attention to the fact that Boebert did not finish high school, writing, “That’s 3 words GED.”

Actor George Takei, who has gained a huge social media following, retweeted Boebert’s message, saying “She can’t…count.” 

Supporters of Boebert, however, have said those who are mocking her did not catch on to the joke she was making.

Boebert was making fun of Biden, who had made a speech at a Volvo plant in Hagerstown, Maryland, last week, where he said “Two words: Made in America.”

Editor-at-large for El American, a bilingual conservative news outlet, Ben Kew, Tweeted about the response to Boebert’s post, writing, “The left falling for Lauren Boebert’s bait is absolutely inevitable… and hilarious.”

Boebert has frequently made headlines for making public gaffes. In one of her recent appearances online, the US Representative read a passage from a Bible that referred to “wanton killings,” and the congresswoman mistook the word for “wonton,” confusing it with the popular Chinese dumpling.

Boebert has also recently found herself the target of a campaign to sink her reelection bid in next month’s midterms. The PAC, American Muckrakers, has put out ads accusing her of campaign finance violations and other misdeeds in an effort to unseat the controversial representative.




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