Rep. Jim Jordan says he does not support renewal of FISA framework as-is

US Representative Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) said this week that he may not support the renewal of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act when it comes up in the next Congress in a few months.

The embattled Republican congressman appeared on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures this weekend to discuss the latest current events with host Maria Bartiromo. Asked his thoughts on tension between Republicans and the intelligence community, Jordan voiced his opposition to the framework as it stands. 

“We need to make changes to the FISA process. I think we should not even reauthorize FISA, which is going to come up in the next Congress,” Jordan said of the federal authorization for surveillance and means to collect foreign intelligence that he could not support FISA in its current form.

Jordan told Bartiromo that Congress should, at the very least, change the process by which FISA warrants are granted. 

Jordan further went on to say that the FBI needs an overhaul. “We have to look real closely at the Justice Department,” he said. 

“And I think we may have to do some major changes. There may need to be structural changes at the FBI,” he added. “The Washington field office has way too much power. We may need to disperse power around. There needs to be process changes. One of the things that happens is, the FBI goes to interview someone.”




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