California county opposes Biden, Newsom administrations on move to rename Squaw Valley

County supervisors in Fresno, California have formally opposed to changing the name of their community of Squaw Valley. They are also considering an official ballot vote on the name change.

On Tuesday, the board reached a unanimous decision which stated their belief that the vast majority of the community in Squaw Valley are not interested in a name change.

Supervisor Steve Brandau said the resolution will send a message to those in Washington and Sacramento that “there’s an awful lot of dissent here in Squaw Valley” with the name change.

Brandau said he remains unconvinced that the term offensive, he plans to discuss the matter county’s legal team about raising an official ballot vote on the name change for Squaw Valley voters.

“Then, we would have probably more legal standing to support the local decision,” he said.

The county has acknowledged that the name change process, which is led by The National Geographic, could still move forward, despite their grievances.

“The federal government has divided us…and yet we’re powerless to do anything,” Supervisor Sal Quintero said. “We can give them our opinion and our thoughts, but they’ve made their decision.”

As noted by the Fresno Bee, some Squaw Valley residents who opposed the name change on Tuesday said they don’t think it’s offensive, and blame “cancel culture” and “the woke agenda” for government officials insisting on a name change.

Other residents were concerned about practical issues such as costs to local businesses that would come as part of the name change.

“We’re proud of our community, we’re proud of our community’s name,” Lonnie Work, a resident of Squaw Valley and chairman of the Save Squaw Valley committee, said during public comment.

Residents who believe the name change should happen said it’s an offensive, racist term, and that the county are wrong for not facilitating it.

“Ignorance isn’t an excuse for staying in the same lane,” Fresno County resident Gloria Hernandez said during the public forum.

The word squaw is seen by many is a derogatory term towards indigenous and native women.




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