Two people shot outside NY Congressman Lee Zeldin’s home

New York congressman and Republican gubernational candidate Lee Zeldin said that 2 people were shot outside his home in Shirley, New York.  

Zeldin confirmed that he and his wife were not home when the shooting took place. Zeldin also said that his 16-year-old daughters locked themselves in a bathroom and called 911. Zeldin said they were a little shaken, but unharmed.

CNN and The Wall Street Journal said that according to their sources, the shooting was unrelated to the Zeldin, who said that he did not know the identities of those shot.

Zeldin said that law enforcement officers were at his home investigating on Sunday evening and were checking over the home’s security cameras.  Zeldin also said that those shot had been taken to hospital.

“Like so many New Yorkers, crime has literally made its way to our front door. My family is grateful to all who have reached out and we will provide another update when we can,” he said.

Zeldin, who is running against Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, has spent a lot of his campaign focusing on tackling rising crime. He has also hit out at New York’s current bail laws, which he says are far too lenient.

“She’s been pandering to pro-criminal allies and she’s been on the wrong side of these issues one after the other,” Zeldin told Harris Faulkner of Hochul. “Kathy Hochul can’t confront this head-on because she hasn’t actually been doing anything about it.”

Hochul said she was briefed on the shooting and was “relieved” the Zeldin family were not hurt.

“I’ve been briefed on the shooting outside of Congressman Zeldin’s home,” she tweeted. “As we await more details, I’m relieved to hear the Zeldin family is safe and grateful for law enforcement’s quick response.”




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