Michigan Democrat says the party needs ‘new blood’

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) said that the Democrat Party is in need of “new blood” in both Congress and the White House in 2024.  

“I would love to see some Midwestern leaders in there,” Slotkin said. “That’s been important to me, to reflect the middle of the country. We’re here too… I do think new blood is a good thing.”

Slotkin was asked during an interview with Kristen Welker on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” whether she would support President Joe Biden if he were to run in 2024. Slotkin said that despite her desire for new leadership, she would throw her support behind Biden should he decide to run again.

“He’s the sitting president. If he decides to run again, I’m going to support him. The party’s going to support him. You know, that has a long history in our country. But I have been very vocal, including with my own leadership in the House, that we need a new generation, we need new blood, period, across the Democratic Party.”

Slotkin was one of several Democrats who voted against Nancy Pelosi’s campaign to become Speaker of the House.

Slotkin is running for re-election to the House to represent Michigan’s 7th Congressional District.  She is running against Tom Barrett.

Biden has said he intends to run again in 2024, providing he continues to be in good health. He has however said he will defer making an announcement on this until after the midterms.

Biden’s approval numbers have recovered from lows reached over the summer. Despite the recovery, a Washington Post-ABC News poll, which was carried out in September found 56% of Democrats and left-leaning independents say the party should pick a different nominee for 2024.




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