Nike co-founder Phil Knight donates $1 million to Republicans in Oregon

Phil Knight, who is Nike’s co-founder, has donated $1 million to Christine Drazan’s (R-OR) campaign. Drazan is currently embroiled in a tight gubernational race with Tina Kotek (D).

Knight was praised by Trey Rosser, who is Drazan’s campaign manager.

“Phil Knight is a pioneering and respected leader not just in Oregon, but across the globe. It’s a tremendous honor to have his support as well as the support of so many Oregonians from across our state,” Rosser said.

According to Oregon Live, after Knight’s donation, Drazan has now raised nearly $14 million and spent almost $10.5 million since January 2021.

Kotek has reported raised close to $15 million and spending $12.6 million in the same time frame. Independent candidate Betsy Johnson (I-OR) has reportedly raised $16.5 million and spent a little over $15 million. Knight has donated $3.75 million to Johnson, Oregon Live reported.

“Phil Knight loves our state and like most Oregonians knows we need change from the failures of Kate Brown and Tina Kotek,” said Jennifer Sitton, a spokeswoman for Johnson’s campaign said at the time of Knight’s first donation. “There are only two candidates in this race who can deliver change and he knows that. Betsy is proud to have his support.”

Republican political strategist Rebecca Tweed said that Knight’s donations, first to Johnson and now to Drazan, is more of a “no” vote than it is an endorsement of a particular candidate.

“It’s not really $1 million toward Drazan or $3.75 towards Betsy. It’s $4.75 (million) against Tina Kotek,” said Tweed.

“Each candidate has brought in $13, 14, 16.5 million. We’re just getting started. I know people are tired of seeing ads, but sit down and get ready for it,” said Tweed.




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