GOP gains support among Latino voters, Democrats continue to hold the lead

Approximately 54% of Latino voters would rather see Democrats retain control of Congress in the upcoming midterms, whereas 33% would prefer to see the Republicans win control, according to a new NBC News/Telemundo poll, which was released on Sunday.

Democrats have a 21-point lead among Latino voters; however this is tighter than previous elections. In 2012, the same poll was carried out, and at that point, the Democrats had a 42-point lead. This fell to a 34-point lead in 2018, and a 26-point lead in 2020.

Latina women, Catholic Latinos and California Latinos are the most likely demographics to support Democrats.

Nearly 51% of Latino voters who were polled said they approved of the job President Biden is doing compared to 45% who said they did not.

Biden’s highest approval marks came for his foreign policies along with his handling of the Russia-Ukraine war (49%) along with border security and immigration (42%).

His lowest ratings were his handling of the economy (41% approval) and managing the cost of living (35% approval).

When asked to decide on the most important issues facing the country, 23% said the cost of living, 20% said “threats to democracy,” 17% said jobs and the economy, while 11% said immigration and the US-Mexico border.

50% of those surveyed said Democrats are the best party to handle abortion. 49% think Democrats would be better at promoting tolerance and respect along with addressing any problems and concerns of the Hispanic community. 46% also prefer to see Democrats handle climate change.

When it came to handling the cost of living, Democrats were ahead of Republicans by 1% at 37%.

Meanwhile, Latino voters had more confidence in Republicans when it came to the economy (38%) and border security (36%); however, Democrats were trailing very close behind.




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