Teachers union in Maryland offers $1000 grant to those advancing BLM at School movement

The Maryland State Education Association announced last week it will begin offering grants of $1,000 to teachers and groups within Maryland schools who work to advance the mission of the Black Lives Matter at School movement.

The ten total grants to be awarded are aimed at assisting those in the state school system who make efforts to incorporate the four pillars of the BLM at School organization, which include: “End ‘zero tolerance’ discipline, and implement restorative justice; Hire more Black teachers; Mandate Black history and ethnic studies in K-12 curriculum; Fund counselors not cops.”

In order to receive the grants, applicants must specify which of the four pillars their efforts will work to promote.

The grants are part of the BLM at School organization’s Year of Purpose, a year-long program that puts a focus on encouraging further education in schools about racial history and equality. The announcement of the grants by MSEA has met with some criticism from those who are opposed to racial education in schools.

“As parents across the political spectrum have become increasingly frustrated with the overt political and ideological agendas in their children’s schools, this statewide teachers’ union chooses to thumb their nose at those concerns and instead, doubles down,” lamented Erika Sanzi, who works for the conservative advocacy group Parents Defending Education.

“MSEA will support the efforts by individual members or local associations for activities/events in support of the Black Lives Matter at School movement by providing financial assistance through 10 total grants in the amount of $1000 each,” the MSEA website says.

“MSEA will also support local affiliates and members with expenses related to programs, service, or activities planned to promote human and civil rights and social justice by providing up to 10 total grants in the amount of $1000 per local affiliate or individual member.”




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