Elon Musk working with Florida to provide people with access to Starlink satellites after Hurricane Ian

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has confirmed that Elon Musk has offered to give Florida the company’s satellite internet service, Starlink, to assist the areas in Southwest Florida who are still without power and are largely cut off from the world.

DeSantis issued a statement on Saturday about his discussions with Musk.

“We are working with Elon Musk and Starlink satellite. They are positioning those Starlink satellites to provide good coverage in Southwest Florida and other affected areas. We are expecting 120 additional large Starlink units to deploy to Southwest Florida.”

DeSantis also took to Twitter to announce the arrival of the extra Starlink units.

“We worked with @SpaceX to deploy 120 large Starlink units to Southwest Florida that will provide broadband, fast,” he said. “Thanks to your innovative technology, Floridians will be able to better connect with their loved ones.”

President Joe Biden also announced that he will visit Florida to assess the damage. Biden re-iterated that the damage done by Hurricane Ian has been felt across the country.

“It’s not just a crisis for Florida. This is an American crisis. We’re all in this together. I just want the people of Florida to know: We see what you’re going through and we’re with you,” Biden said.

He continued, “We’re just beginning to see the scale of that destruction. It’s likely to rank among the worst in the nation’s history. You have all seen on television homes and property wiped out. It’s going to take months, years to rebuild. Our hearts go out to all those folks whose lives have been devastated by the storm. America’s heart is literally breaking.”




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