Chinese state media accuses NSA of infiltrating their telecommunication networks 

On Thursday, Chinese state media accused the NSA (National Security Agency) were able to access China’s telecommunication networks are successfully hacking into China’s Northwestern Polytechnical University.  This university is known for its aviation, aerospace and navigation programs.

Chinese state media reported that hackers from the United States sent phishing emails to teachers and students with the intention of stealing personal information. The subject lines of these emails allegedly related to scientific evaluation, thesis defense and overseas travel.

The Global Times reported that a source informed them the U.S. agency infiltrated the network to “control the country’s infrastructure.”

American hackers stole “core technology data including key network equipment configuration, network management data, and core operational data,” and other files, the Global Times went on to say.

The NSA operation was allegedly carried out to allow the United States to “control the country’s infrastructure,” the Global Times stated.

The Global Times confirmed that their source told them that further details in regard to the hacking will be released soon.

In the past, the United States has accused China of carrying out large scale hacking operations. Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray said in February that China’s cyberattacks have become “more brazen, more damaging, than ever before.”

Wray also accused China of trying to steal U.S. information and technology.




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