Arizona Rep. Gallego accuses Rep. Sinema of wanting Dems to lose Senate in November

Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego (D) accused his colleague, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), of wanting Democrats to lose the US Senate in the November midterm elections.

The Arizona Congressman railed against Sinema after she delivered remarks at the University of Louisville on Monday, saying it was likely Republicans would retake the US House of Representatives in the upcoming midterms.

“As you all know, control changes between the House and the Senate every couple of years. It’s likely to change again in just a few weeks,” Sinema said to the audience.

Gallego Tweeted the same day about Sinema’s absence on the Democratic campaign trail leading up to the election. 

“I mean you could be out there helping our candidates @SenatorSinema,” Gallego Tweeted. “But my sense is that you would actually prefer the Dems lose control of the Senate and House.”

He then went on to add, “Now that I think of it. I have been traveling the state and country. Donating, raising funds and encouraging people to come out and vote and I have seen you nowhere @SenatorSinema.”

Gallego has teased a possible 2024 run against Sinema, having met with several of her top donors recently.

A June Facebook ad being served to users read, “Many people are asking Ruben if he will run against Senator Kyrsten Sinema.”

“We know many of you hope he does and he appreciates that fact. That’s one of the reasons he is asking you to contribute to his campaign today. Because if he is going to run against her, he’ll need to win his re-election campaign this November and build a strong grassroots movement,” the ad read.




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