CIA launches official podcast in attempt to improve its public image

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has launched an official podcast in an attempt to improve the public’s perception of them and boost their image.

The podcast’s team has at least a dozen staffers who are on board to connect with the public and increase “like” tags, according to a Politico.

The CIA’s Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook accounts have several hundred thousand followers, and on Twitter, they have over 3 million followers.

In addition, one CIA spokesperson floated the idea of the CIA opening a TikTok account to appeal to Generation Z, but “With TikTok, obviously, there is the Chinese risk,” the source went on to say.

“‘The Langley Files’ is a major milestone for CIA as the agency marks its 75th anniversary,” said CIA press secretary Susan Miller. “It is the latest in CIA’s ongoing efforts to be as open as possible with the public, sharing what we can about our mission, people, and history.”

The podcast will feature senior CIA officials and historians who will tell stories about the CIA and shed more light on what they do. The CIA hopes the podcast will garner them more new recruits.

“We want to reach a wider and more diverse audience than ever before, so that people who might not have thought of joining CIA — or might not have known that there could be a place for their talents here — consider CIA in their career plans,” a CIA spokesperson said.

“The podcast supports the agency’s efforts to connect with talent from all backgrounds and walks of life,” the spokesperson continued. “To be successful in its national security mission, CIA needs to build the diverse, skilled workforce of tomorrow, and we hope ‘The Langley Files’ can serve as a way to reach those candidates.” 

The podcast will be hosted by two senior agency staff, who will touch on new topics with special guests in each episode.




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