Sen. Tim Scott proposes bill to defund schools that hide children’s gender transitions from parents

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) has proposed a bill which would withhold or withdraw federal funding from both public elementary and secondary schools that choose not to inform parents about any gender transitions carried out by their children.

The bill introduced by Scott on Tuesday has been dubbed the Parents’ Rights to Care and Educate Their Children (PROTECT) Act.

Policy changes in a growing number of public schools allow children to use transgender or non-binary pronouns and names while on campus, however their teachers will use their birth gender in any communications they have with the student’s parents.

“Parents across the country have rightly been concerned about school policies that push a radical agenda that is kept secret from parents,” Scott said during an interview with Fox News Digital.

The bill seeks to “combat indoctrination” by “preventing schools from withholding information about students’ gender from their parents,” according to the legislation’s language.

Scott’s bill will face a stumbling block if Democrats are able to retain control of the House and the Senate in November’s midterms.

The head of Dad and Mom Defending Training, an advocacy group that supports the PROTECT Act, said that gender has transformed into a “main flashpoint for households from coast to coast.”

“Polling constantly reveals that in the case of the subject of gender in colleges, mother and father fear about equity, security, and the preservation of parental rights — and that these issues transcend each racial and political strains,” said Nicole Neily, the group’s president.

Last week, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) reversed state guidelines issued by Terry McAuliffe (D). New Virginia Department of Education policies now require teachers to get written permission from parents that a student can be recognized as transgender.

“Parents have the right to make decisions regarding their children,” the Model Policies 2022 reads.

President Biden has pressed for the word “sex” to be redefined to include gender identity in Title IX; which is the law that bans all forms of all sex discrimination in schools and along with educational programs which are eligible for federal funding.




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