New York City will lift mask mandate on private businesses in November

New York Mayor Eric Adams announced that the city will remove its mask mandate on private business from November 1st.

“Our vaccinated workforce kept the city open and operating, with over 300,000 employees it was crucial to put it in place and we’re keeping it in place. Our vaccinated workers have carried out their jobs and stepped up when the city needed them the most and we think it’s imperative to send the right message and lead by example,” Adams said in his statement.

Vaccine requirements, which currently don’t allow unvaccinated school children to take part in sporting activities and other extracurricular activities, have also been scrapped. Adams said that 89% of New Yorkers have been vaccinated, including children.

The removal of restrictions is intended to provide schools, parents and businesses with more flexibility, though Adams said that the municipal mandate will remain in place for now.

Pat Lynch, who is the head of the Police Benevolent Association, lashed out at Mayor Adams in a statement.

“This announcement is more proof that the vaccine mandate for New York City police officers is arbitrary, capricious, and fundamentally irrational.  Now that the city has abandoned any pretense of a public health justification for vaccine mandates, we expect it to settle our pending lawsuits and reinstate with back pay our members who unjustly lost their jobs.”

Detectives’ Endowment Association President Paul DiGiacomo has expressed his intention to take the matter to court.

“Today’s City Hall announcement dropping the vaccine mandate for only the private sector workforce is irrational pseudoscience,” he said. “Let’s be real, the mayor knows that people are aren’t avoiding the return to their office because of the mandate. It’s fear of the city’s crime crisis. Based on this arbitrary decision, the union will be in court tomorrow and expects to have our highly-experienced Detectives, who were unjustly cast aside, reinstated and reimbursed.”




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