Poll: 2/3 voters in swing states support national right to same-sex marriage

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have released new polling data which shows that more than 2 thirds of voters based in swing stages believe that same-sex marriage should be safeguarded by federal legislation.

“Recent polling across key US Senate and Congressional battleground states shows widespread support for a law ‘protecting the national right to same-sex marriage’ (64% support, 36% oppose). While majorities of men (58%) support federal marriage equality protections, the numbers are even higher among women (69%). There are no significant differences based on race and ethnicity,” HRC wrote.

HRC further explained their findings: “Majorities of Christians (55%) also support a federal law to protect marriage equality. These numbers are in line with a national Navigator survey conducted roughly a month ago. That poll showed 61% of the country supports ‘Congress passing a law protecting the federal right to same-sex marriage,’ with 28% in opposition and 11% unsure.”

The HRC said that voters in the following 11 swing stages; Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would all vote for legislation “protecting the national right to same-sex marriage.”  

According to the data in the HRC report, only 3 states in the U.S. had a below 50% approval rating for same-sex legislation. These were Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Other polls also rendered similar results with over 71% of respondents in a recent Gallup poll saying that same-sex marriage should be recognized by the law as valid. In a July Politico and Morning Consult poll, nearly 60 percent of voters said same-sex marriage should be protected by federal legislation.

“Marriage equality has been nothing but positive, both for the LGBTQ+ community and for our society as a whole – and that’s reflected in this polling,” Joni Madison, the organization’s interim president, said Wednesday in a statement.

“The joy that has emanated from thousands of weddings of couples who were previously denied the right to marry has melted many hearts. And the supposed harms that opponents of marriage equality predicted simply have not come to pass,” Madison said.




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