Report: Nonprofit allegedly offered books with sex imagery to K-12 teachers

First Book, who are a not-for-profit organization, have said they have agreed a partnership with Disney and also the trade union, American Federation of Teachers to provide either free or heavily subsidized books to low-income schools.

According to Fox News, some of the books which have been offered to schools are said to contain images of a sexual nature and/or have come under criticism from parents for promoting gender ideology. 

First Book refers to itself as an “innovative leader in education equity,” and have partnered with Randi Weingarten’s AFT union for over 10 years. AFT has also touted First Book’s products for its teachers.

Some examples of First Book’s products are below. First Book have listed both Disney and the AFT as their partners, however neither Disney nor AFT have promoted any of the below titles.

“Fred Dressed,” which is targeted at children who are 5-6 years old, is about a “little boy” [who] likes to be naked. The book ends when Fred dresses up in his mom’s closet. The illustrations show Fred nude on 14 occasions. “He wanders about the house, naked and free,” the book says. “Fred may never get dressed.”

“Who is RuPaul?” This book is target at 7–9-year-old children and tells the story the drag queen and reality TV star RuPaul-Andre Charles. The book contains pictures of drag queens in provocative positions.

The book refers to the most normal man as the one who dresses up and steps into the role of a woman. “We were all born naked and the rest run,” says RuPaul. 

The book goes on to say that “RuPaul was once asked if he wished to be born a woman. No, Roe replied, he was happy to be a man. (It is a common misconception that drag queens are men who wish to be women.”

There is also a pronoun book for babies and toddlers aged 0-3 which brands itself as a “delightful introduction to pronouns,” the book discusses “they” and new pronouns such as “ze,” “zie,” “sie,” and “Questioning.” 

“Some drag queens, however, are transgender or non-binary. For transgender people, their gender (how they feel inside) is different from the gender (male or female) they were assigned at birth. Female. These queens may prefer to be called ‘She’ or ‘they’ (instead of ‘he’) when they are not performing in a drawing,” the book reads.

The book also provides instructions on how to dress up as a drag queen. “The character of the drag queen is usually an exaggerated picture of what a woman looks like,” the book said.




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