Hillary Clinton will make no more POTUS runs, asks Clarence Thomas if he wants to retire

Former Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton made several television appearances this week, making some notable remarks about the future of her political career and the future of the US Supreme Court.

During an interview on CBS Evening News host Norah O’Donnell on Tuesday, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee was asked if she would ever consider another run for the Oval Office. “No, no,” Clinton answered. “But I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that we have a president who respects our democracy and the rule of law and upholds our institutions.”

When asked whether former president Donald Trump should run again, Clinton answered quite decisively, saying, “he should be soundly defeated,” and that the effort “should start in the Republican Party,” Clinton said. “Grow a backbone. Stand up to this guy.”

In a separate appearance with her daughter Chelsea on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday, Clinton was asked by a fan whether she had ever thought about saying “I told you so” to Donald Trump.

“It does cross my mind, honestly,” she answered. “But it doesn’t provide any kind of solace to me. I’m so distressed [about] everything that happened during the time that he was [in office] and then his refusal to accept the election and inciting violence, it’s heartbreaking. I don’t care what political party you are, I hope people will just say, ‘No, enough. We’re not gonna let that kind of divisiveness and disruption exist in our country any longer.’”

Later, in a game that asked Clinton to give rapid fire answers to questions, she was asked what question she would ask Justice Clarence Thomas. Clinton responded quickly, saying, “Don’t you want to retire?” Clinton has previously said she would endorse current President Joe Biden if he ran again in 2024.




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