Boise Pride Festival postponed amid controversy over children’s drag show

Boise Pride Festival have faced criticism about their upcoming event to host a kids’ drag show. The event was postponed until a later date with the organizers citing safety concerns.

“While the vast majority of our sponsors and supporters have voiced their support for the Boise Pride Festival and the Drag Kids program, we have made the very difficult decision to postpone this performance due to increased safety concerns. The health and well-being of the kids, their parents, and the attendees of the festival are our priority,” Boise Pride’s said in a statement.

“The kids who were going to perform have the enthusiastic support of their community and support and consent of their parents. We support the kids 1000% and their choice to be themselves, stand in their truth, and express themselves. They are brave, beautiful and deserve their chance to be in the spotlight, and we want to give that to them at a later date,” the statement read.

Several posts were highlighted ahead of the event. One such post showed a man standing with a firearm with the caption “Can’t expect God to do all the work” with a message to others: “Sunday, 9/11/2022, time to start at the Fred Meyer pride parade.”

The event caught the eye of Idaho Republicans who released several statements about the parade stating that a kids’ drag shows sexualizes children and that it is a “perverse idea” to throw any money towards the event.

On Thursday, Idaho GOP chair Dorothy Moon issued a call to action by posting the phone numbers of businesses who sponsored Boise Pride and asking the public to contact the sponsors and urge them to withdraw their support for the parade.

Following this call to action, three sponsors withdrew their support, Idaho Power, Zions Bank and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Idaho Power said they were concerned about the safety of their participants, Zions Bank said they were not aware of the children’s participation and the DHW said their booth will be removed due to “confusion” about activities involving minors.

Boise Pride said it was upset by Zions Bank’s decision to withdraw. “Minors have participated in the Boise Pride Festival both on and off stage for many years,” Boise Pride told CBS2 in a statement. “Pride and inclusivity do not begin at age 18.”

Mayor McLean, who has been a long-time supporter of the festival, spoke out in its defense: “Boise is proud to be a welcoming community, striving to ensure a safe, equitable and inclusive city that celebrates the diversity of the people who live, work and play in our community. We embrace, and will fiercely protect, the fundamental dignity of all.”

The Idaho Democratic Party also issued a statement, blasting the “hateful” rhetoric from the Idaho GOP: “In the face of hateful rhetoric, bullying and extremism, Idaho Democrats are not intimidated, we are resolute. We support the Boise Pride Festival and its celebration of diversity and inclusion. Idaho Democrats will continue to fight for the right of every Idahoan to be proud, love openly and live authentically.”




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