Amazon removes sex-ed book that instructs parents to let their children watch them have sex

A screenshot showing excerpt from a sex education book that recommends parents invite their young children into bed to watch while they have sex did the rounds on social media on Thursday.

The book, which is titled “Sex Education for 8–12-Year-olds: Kids Book for GoodParents,” written by Ana Leblanc, was removed from sale by Amazon after receiving a barrage of one-star reviews and negative comments from readers who said they were disturbed by both the book’s content and it’s message.

According to the Daily Wire, a screenshot of Page 47 “Sex Education for 8-12 Year Olds: Kids Book for Good Parents” stars by explaining to readers how “it is not uncommon for children to overhear or even ‘catch’ their parents making love.”

“A child should be gradually introduced to the ordinary mechanics of love-making and allowed to enter into the parent’s circle of love,” says Leblanc. “Instead of being shut out completely and left to wonder how daddy and mommy do it.”

The book goes on to suggest that couples can “deliberately leave the bedroom door open or ajar while expressing intimacy” or even “Call upon your child to bring or take something away while you are expressing intimacy.”

Courage Is A Habit, an account which specializes in “creat[ing] tools & strategies for the average parent so they can defend their child from indoctrination in the K-12 system,” shared screenshots to Twitter of the book.

“CHILDREN SHOULD WATCH THEIR PARENTS HAVE SEX This is what sex education means now. The next time you meet someone that says ‘it’s just about safety/inclusion/empathy,’ show them this & watch them break their groomer spine trying to justify it,” the group said.

They added, “Every time you hear someone spout these gaslighting phrases, they will support a book like this one or ones similar like Gender Queer.” 

Criminologist and Police lawyer Phillip Holloway responded by saying: “In many states, it is a felony criminal offense called ‘Child Molestation’ to engage in sex acts in the presence of children.”




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