Republican Rep. Mike McCaul says Trump ‘has a different set of rules’ regarding classified docs

In an appearance on ABC’s This Week on Sunday that while he would personally not have removed classified documents from the workplace, former president Donald Trump had his own set of rules surrounding the documents.

Asked whether he would ever take classified documents home with him McCaul replied, “You know, I have lived in the classified world most of my professional career, I personally wouldn’t do that, but I’m not the president of the United States.”

McCaul went on to assert that as POTUS Trump was not bound by the normal set of rules. “He has a different set of rules that apply to him. I know they were taken out of the White House while he was president and whether or not he declassified those documents remains to be seen. He says he did. I don’t have all the facts there.”

Former president Trump claims he declassified the documents prior to them being transported to Mar-a-Lago in Florida, where the FBI executed a search warrant last month, recovering boxes of documents removed from the White House at the end of Trump’s presidency.

However, former White House staffers have come out against the claims that Trump declassified the documents before leaving the Oval Office. 

McCaul reiterated to ABC that as president, Trump may have enjoyed special privileges related to the documents.

“There is a process for declassification. But again, the president’s in a very different position than most of us in the national security space,” McCaul said. “We — the relevant committees on the Hill — have asked for briefings on this to find out what was so important here from a national security standpoint that would merit such an extreme measure to have a search warrant on a former president of the United States.”




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