Poll shows Biden’s 2024 favorability is the highest it’s been in 6 months as his approval steadily rises

A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll has shown that President Joe Biden currently leads former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical 2024 rematch by the widest margin since March.

The poll asked respondents, “Hypothetically, if the 2024 election for President were held today and the candidates were Joe Biden, the Democrat, and Donald Trump, the Republican, for whom would you vote?”

The survey of 1,634 U.S. adults was carried out between September 2nd to September 6th. This was on the back of a combative primetime speech last Thursday, in which Biden hit out at the “Trump and the MAGA Republicans” as “extremists” who “threat[en] the very foundations of our republic.”

The results of the poll showed that that in the event the next election “were held today,” 48% of registered voters would opt for Biden, while 42% would vote for Trump.

Biden’s new 6-point lead is 3 points larger than his edge in the previous Yahoo News/YouGov survey from late August (Biden 45%, Trump 42%) and also 4 points better than his average lead across all Yahoo News/YouGov surveys carried out between April and July (Biden 44%, Trump 42%). The error margin for this poll is 2.6%.

The gains Biden gained over Trump were largely from left-leaning voters, while the vast majority of Republicans remain opposed to Biden. Across the board, Biden’s approval rating now stands at 40% approve (which is unchanged since late August) to 52% disapprove (down from 53% in late August). Among registered voters, Biden’s numbers are 43% and 53%, respectively.

The Democrats who believe that America is “generally headed in the right direction” has also increased with a (48%) believing this to be the case, where as 38% still believe they are “off on the wrong track” (38%). In early August, those numbers were reversed.

Trump has made gains recently within his own party. 55% of Republicans and independents who lean right have said they would tilt towards Trump rather than “someone else” for the 2024 GOP nomination, which is up from 54% in the previous Yahoo News/YouGov survey and 47% in early August.




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