One Canadian serial stabbing suspect found dead, one still at large after killing 10

After a stabbing spree that left 10 people dead and 15 people wounded in Saskatchewan, Canada, one suspect has been found dead by authorities but the other is still at large.

The two men, brothers Damien and Miles Sanderson, carried out two stabbing sprees on Monday; one at James Smith Cree Nation and one in the nearby village of Weldon.

Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan, Rhonda Blackmore, said in a press conference on Monday, “It is horrific what has occurred in our province today,” naming the brothers as suspects and telling the public the RCMP was actively searching for the men.

Blackmore confirmed there were 13 separate crime scenes left by the Sanderson brothers, after they attacked a total of 28 people and left 10 dead and 15 more injured. The brothers were on the run for 24 hours after the first report of a stabbing came in before the RCMP reported one of the suspects had been found dead.

While Blackmore confirmed 31-year old Damien Sanderson was deceased, she did not specify what had killed him. “We can confirm he has visible injuries. These injuries are not believed to be self-inflicted at this point,” she said.

His brother, Miles, is still at large. Authorities have warned locals to stay inside and report any sightings of Miles Sanderson, noting that because Damien was injured, Miles may also seek medical attention. “We do want the public to know this as there is a possibility he may seek medical attention,” Blackmore said. “It does not mean he is not still dangerous.”




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