NYC man who ‘sucker punched’ victim says he should not be in jail because victim did not die

A 55-year old registered sex offender from the Bronx in New York City who is currently in custody after “sucker punching” another man at a bar and leaving him with a brain bleed, says he should be released from jail because his victim did not die.

Van Phu Bui told the New York Post in an exclusive interview that he did not believe he deserved to be behind bars. “That sh– don’t make no sense,” Bui said. “He’s alive. He’s not dead. I thank God he survived. I didn’t want to hurt him that bad. I just hit him once.”

He was arrested after he unexpectedly punched 52-year old Jesus Cortes outside a restaurant on August 12 following an altercation inside, according to security footage from the scene. Cortes suffered a brain bleed, fractured skull, and a broken cheekbone as a result of the blow.

Bui claims he “blacked out” on the night in question and does not recall hitting Cortes. “I can’t really remember anything. I was so mad. I blacked out,” he told the Post. “I’ve never done anything like that before. That was my first time [hitting someone]. I’m not a violent person. I’m not like that. I wouldn’t do it again.”

He also added several times, “I’m sorry. I know I did something wrong. That’s why I turned myself in.”

Bui’s charges were downgraded from attempted murder to the misdemeanor charges of assault and harrassment by the Bronx District Attorney’s office. In spite of the downgrade, Bui’s charges do not give him eligibility for bail. Bui previously served a 17-year sentence for sexually abusing a minor.




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