Financial reports show trust linked to Newsom’s in-laws donated $5K to DeSantis this year

Campaign finance records published this week showed that a trust linked to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s in-laws donated $5,000 to Newsom’s political rival, Ron DeSantis, earlier this year.

Contribution records published by the Campaign Finance Database showed the Siebel Family Revocable Trust, which is run by the parents of Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Seibel, donated $5,000 to the political action committee Friends of Ron DeSantis, which works to raise funds for DeSantis’ reelection campaign.

Newsom and DeSantis have carried out a public rivalry in recent years, with Newsom recently announcing he was putting $100,000 toward Charlie Crist’s campaign in an effort to elect DeSantis’ opponent.

“Time to make Ron DeSantis a one-term governor,” Newsom Tweeted on August 25. “I’m pledging $100k right now to @CharlieCrist. Who will join me in helping Charlie become the next Governor of Florida?”

Earlier this year, Newsom put out television ad spots in Florida urging residents to relocate to California, heating up tensions between the two governors.

Newsom has also publicly quarreled with Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. Newsom Tweeted a video the day after his announcement regarding his donation to Crist explaining why he chooses to speak out against the GOP governors.

“People keep asking why I’m calling out DeSantis and these Republican governors. The answer is simple: I don’t like bullies,” Newsom wrote.

Republicans have not wasted any time pointing out that Newsom’s own family has donated to one of his top rivals.

“Gavin Newsom’s father-in-law donated to Ron DeSantis,” Republican podcast host Liz Wheeler tweeted. “That is objectively hilarious.”

Tomi Lahren, a Republican pundit and Fox News personality, said on her radio show, “[With] this new contribution revelation from his in-laws, I think it’s safe to say Thanksgiving is going to be very awkward this year. Gavin’s in-laws have good taste. Their daughter, not so much.”




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