Man freed on bail covered by advocacy group a week ago now a suspect in his partner’s murder

A Portland man who was recently released from prison on bail covered by a local advocacy group, the Portland Freedom Fund, is now a suspect in the murder of his ex-partner.

The Portland Freedom Fund, a Portland, Oregon-based advocacy group that fights “harms perpetuated against our Black, Brown and Indigenous neighbors by the criminal justice system through posting bail so they may navigate their case from a position of freedom,” bailed out Mohamed Osman Adan on August 20.

Adan had been detained for violating previous release and had been accused of strangling and assaulting the mother of his children and his former partner, 36-year old Rachael Angel Abraham.

Days after his release, authorities responded to a 911 call from Abraham, but when police arrived at the southeast Portland home, Abraham had been strangled and stabbed to death. Adan was identified by name in the 911 call as Abraham’s attacker. Adan has a long history of incidents involving police in which Abraham claimed he had assaulted her.

Upon Abraham’s murder, The Portland Freedom Fund immediately issued a statement. “Our thoughts are with the families and communities affected by this tragedy, particularly the children who have effectively lost both parents,” the statement said. “It is a profound tragedy when any person is harmed.”

The group said it had been in contact with Adan and he had not shown any signs of violent tendencies. “In Mr. Adan’s specific case, the court had deemed him eligible for bail release and he was referred to us as a financial provider for two small children with a letter of community support,” the PFF wrote. “Along with support he was receiving from the community, we were in contact with Mr. Adan throughout the time between his release and re-arrest and did not receive any indications for concern.”

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has expressed concern over the organization’s involvement in the incident, saying the county had purposely set a high bail in order to keep Adan locked up.

“The action taken by the Portland Freedom Fund circumvented this, with tragic results. We offer our deepest condolences to the family of the victim, and will dedicate our efforts to the full prosecution of this matter,” said Schmidt.




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