President Biden says ‘you need a little more than a gun’ to protect America, vows ‘ban on assault weapons’

President Joe Biden hit out at advocates of the 2nd amendment during a speech at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania when he said “need an F-15” to protect the United States, not a gun.

Biden was in a middle of a speech where he was putting forward a case to limit the 2nd amendment and touting his “safer America plan.”

“For those brave right-wing Americans who say [the Second Amendment] is all about keeping America independent and safe, if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something a little more than a gun,” Biden said.

He also called for “funding the police” as opposed to “defunding” to improve public safety. “Want to feel a sense of security? That’s what my crime plan is all about. You know, I call it the Safer Americans Plan. And both your members of Congress voted for it. It’s based on a simple notion. When it comes to public safety to this stage, the answer is not defund the police. It’s fund the police.”

Biden said that his “safer America plan” will also call “on Congress to require background checks for all gun sales and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

“I’m determined to ban assault weapons in this country! Determined,” Biden went on to say.

Biden then vented his anger at the number of mass shootings that have taken place in recent times, saying that “more children die from guns than active-duty police and active-duty military personnel combined.”

Critics of Biden hit out at him and also reminded him that several F-15’s were left in Afghanistan during the withdrawal.

“The only F-15s the Taliban had when they fought against our country were the ones Biden left in Afghanistan for them,” Greg Price, who is the senior digital strategist for X Strategies, tweeted.

“The president has been saying this for years but it’s less and less congruent with how even his own administration has played out. How many F-15s did the Taliban have when Biden decided to surrender Afghanistan to them?” Reload founder Stephen Gutowski wrote.




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