Authorities find over 1,500 pounds of cocaine disguised as baby wipes in truck crossing southern border

A truck carrying over 1,500 pounds of cocaine disguised as packages of baby wipes was discovered and the contents seized by Customs and Border Patrol authorities near Laredo, Texas.

The trailer, which contained over $11.8 million of cocaine, declared it was carrying only baby wipes when it crossed the Colombia-Solidarity Bridge connecting the United States to Mexico on Friday. Customs and Border Patrol officials sent the truck for a second inspection, where an inspection uncovered almost 2,000 packages containing 1,533 pounds of cocaine.

The CPB officials used a non-intrusive detection system to discover the hidden drugs. The department has used the system to “prevent contraband, including drugs, unreported currency, guns, ammunition, and other illegal merchandise, as well as inadmissible persons from being smuggled.” 

According to CBP, the agency is testing new types of non-invasive inspection technology that can detect contraband on pedestrians who present at ports of entry.

“This seizure is a prime example of border security management and how it helps prevent dangerous narcotics from reaching our communities,” Tweeted Laredo Port of Entry director Alberto Flores. According to Field Operations Director Randy Howe, the discovery of cocaine was the “largest cocaine bust in 20 years” at the Laredo Port of Entry. 

The bust comes amid a heated partisan debate between Republican lawmakers in southern border states and Democratic leaders nationwide. Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey have transported busloads of migrants to Washington, DC and New York City in recent weeks in order to draw attention to what GOP leaders are calling a “crisis” at the border.




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